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Ethnic Pattern Mix

If you’re acquainted with Our Legacy’s latest creations you’ve certainly recognized this Ethnic Arrow Shirt from their AW11 collection. Although it’s most definitely one of their strongest pieces to date, it’s also a challenge to mix and match, due to the tablecloth fabric and iconic print. Here I used it as an overshirt and inverted the usual layering order, throwing a solid v-neck cashmere sweater underneath it. Keeping up the patterned theme, the fair isle socks add an amazing twist to the whole look, imbuing the slate grey creased trousers with a new found life.

Details: ethnic arrow shirt by Our Legacy, cashmere v-neck sweater by Massimo Dutti, crewneck tee by Levi’s, creased trousers by Boglioli, fair isle wool socks by H&M, two-toned suede boat shoes by Buttero, bracelet by street vendor and watch by Gucci.

Model and Styling: Miguel Vieira

Photography: Rita Lino

I likee.

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