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The problem with that Budweiser commercial about making it home to your dog is that we all know that dude would have walked in hungover and gone to his bed and not had the energy to be all happy go lucky with his dog.

Or maybe I’m just projecting my drunk life on others.


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Thom Morell

James Abbott McNeill Whistler | Whistler’s Mother | 1871



James Abbott McNeill Whistler | Whistler’s Mother | 1871


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Ms. Pierson took full responsibility for the White House breach, yet in response to questioning she repeatedly answered over and over again, “mistakes were made.” 

How can she use such a mediocre non-apology? Is no one advising her at all?

NPR wrote an article about Washington’s overuse of the ‘passive-evasive’ phrase this year and while I know I am a nerd who probably reads more NPR articles than politicians on the Hill, you would think some intern would be like “yo, you might wanna find something else to say.”

Or not. 

I guess even as money continues to flow and change the landscape of Washington, some things will never change.

Ben Carson is just Herman Cain with a library card

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Under early, sharp questioning from Darrell Issa, the Republican chairman of the committee, Ms. Pierson said that an outer glass door at the North Portico remained unlocked after the intruder breached the fence and that an inner, wooden door was in the process of being hand-locked when the intruder came through the doors. The intruder knocked the officer back and proceeded down the hallway, she said.

Ms. Pierson said the Secret Service has since installed an automatic lock on the door, which drew a tongue-in-cheek response from Mr. Issa.

“We learn from our mistakes,” he said.

Secret Service Chief Is Rebuked by Lawmakers Over White House Breach | NYTimes.com

This is laughable. When I start agreeing with Darrell Issa, we truly have come a long way.

dandwiich us on Friday nights

dandwiich us on Friday nights

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Although I was sad to get a buzzcut, I have to admit, the cool air hitting my scalp and the low maintenance mornings ahead will make it all worthwhile.